Set of 2 SMI Gel Bags

They Keep

3+ Hour Gel Bags


Our 3+ Hour gel bags fit into the antimicrobial pouches of our cold therapy compression wraps and provide up to 4 hours of cold. When swapped out with freshly frozen gel bags, continuous cold therapy can be achieved. Sold as a set of 2. See below for more information. Made in the USA.

Man taking a frozen SMI gel bag out of the freezer
Set of 2 SMI Gel Bags
Set of 2 SMI Gel Bags
SMI Gel Bags



Versatile Design

  • Longest lasting gel bag on the market
  • 100% Non-toxic
  • Easily molded to fit around the appropriate pain/swelling area
  • Must be used with the appropriate compression wrap as a protective barrier
  • Used with these wraps:  knee, hip, shoulder, back, ab binder/lumbar support, cold vest, thoracic, & universal
  • Provides 3+ hours of cold therapy
  • Latex-Free

Get Relief

Made for Chilling

Our Long-Lasting Gel Bags are non-toxic and contain ice pillows. Like ice in a drink, they keep our gel bags cold for hours keeping your pain at bay for hours!

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Use Instructions

SMI offers 3 types of proven therapies in one easy-to-use product: 


Also known as Cryotherapy, Cold Therapy is used mainly for joint pain and aches. It reduces blood flow to the area of the body to which it’s applied. This reduces the inflammation that leads to pain and can also temporarily reduce nerve activity. Additional effects include controlling hemorrhage, preventing edema (swelling) and blocking pain receptors.


Heat Therapy is used mainly for muscle pain and aches. It helps improve blood flow and circulation to an injured area and helps to relieve discomfort while improving muscle flexibility for recovery. Heat Therapy can also heal damaged tissue. Heat causes vasodilation of the blood vessels, which increases blood flow to the area of application. This in turn, increases the amount of oxygen, nutrients and white blood cells delivered to the body tissues. In addition, vasodilation assists in the removal of waste products from injured tissues.


Compression Therapy uses controlled pressure to increase blood flow to certain areas and improve blood flow to the heart. It supports veins and decreases edema (swelling). Compression Therapy is found to be the most effective when it’s combined with movement.




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