Man wearing a SMI Cold Therapy Compression Shoulder Wrap at the gym

Tired of
the Pain?

Relief is
in the wrap!

An SMI Cold Therapy Compression Wrap! Order one today and soon you’ll be giving a thumbs up, or a high five or maybe even a jump for joy! That’s the result of no more pain!


Made in America

From each of our components to our manufacturing – SMI Cold Therapy Wraps are 100% Made in America. You can feel good about using them.

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Trusted by Hospitals

More than 475 hospitals and medical facilities use SMI Cold Therapy Wraps. You can trust them to be safe and effective!

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As 1 • 2 • 3!

Easy to Use

SMI Cold Therapy Wraps are simple to use. It takes just 3 easy steps to apply one and start enjoying the relief from pain.

Woman wearing a SMI knee wrap

100% Mobility

Strong Compression



Stretch Straps

Icy Cold 4 Hours

We Are
Here to Help!

We Feel Your Pain…

And want to put an end to it! We know how difficult it is to deal with the aches and pains that can come from injury, surgery or simply a heavy workout. That’s why we’ve developed our SMI Cold Therapy Wraps.  They stay put, they penetrate the painful area with cold or heat and they allow you to stay mobile while using them. Give one a try today!

With You
All Day Long!

Need Help Making it Through the Day?

From your morning workout, to your afternoon at work to an evening spent relaxing at home, our wraps can help make your day free from discomfort. Try a wrap today and get on living and enjoying your life. No need to slow down or stop because you’re hurting.

Discover the SMI Advantage


Superior Compression


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Our extra wide proprietary straps provide superior compression for deeper cold penetration and a snug fit.


Maximum Mobility


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With a snug fit, our wraps stay put and leave you free to move around unencumbered by tubing or power cords.


Icy Cold 4 Hours


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Our unique gel bags allow for continuous, safe cold therapy when gel bags are rotated every 4 hours.


Because SMI Wraps Will Keep You Moving

With an SMI Cold Therapy Wrap, you’re able to move about unencumbered by tubing or power cords. Our wide, strong compression straps ensure a firm fit so your wrap stays where you put it. Our gel bags deliver cold for 4 hours so you can keep going for hours. Experience the SMI Advantage and discover for yourself that Relief truly is In the Wrap!

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Our Users

Best on the Market

You have the best product on the market! I received an artificial left knee and your SMI Knee Wrap was an integral part of my rehabilitation. It provided me with absolute relief for my knee.

Kathleen M.

So Simple

It’s Easy as Can Be!

Applying one of our SMI Wraps is as easy as 1•2•3. Just follow the steps below to ensure you have the best fit in order to receive the most benefits from your cold therapy compression wrap.

Step One

Step One

Insert Gel Bags


Insert frozen gel bag(s) into the pouch(s) & press together the velcro tabs to secure.

Step Two

Step Two

Mold the Wrap


Mold the wrap, with the gel bag(s) inserted, over your forearm & squeeze to soften.

Step Three

Step Three

Secure the Wrap


Apply the wrap to the body and secure snuggly with the strong compression straps.

An SMI Cold Therapy Compression Wrap
SMI Cold Therapy Compression Wrap

Stands out

Features & Benefits

100% Mobility

Not tethered to any cooler or ice bags allowing for freedom of movement while wearing

Strong Compression

4-way stretch for effective compression & fit means the wrap stays in place while moving


Moisture wicking fabric keeps condensation away – won’t harbor harmful bacteria


Gel pouch liners are antimicrobial & wick away moisture, keeping skin dry & protected

Stretch Straps

Extra wide proprietary straps hold wrap in place for ambulation

    Cold 4 Hours

    Non-toxic gel bags mold perfectly to the targeted area & cool for up to 4 hours

      Woman wearing a SMI Knee Wrap
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